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Your Little Tiny Welcome - history

Patrick Sanders with a framed image from the exhibition that became the book Your Little Tiny Welcome To The Great Big Whole Wide World.

The day that Patrick's friends Jenny and Stephen had their daughter Aoife, Patrick decided that buying (or making!) a 'congratulations' card would not be enough and on that very evening he began work on a guide book to the planet and everything on it for his newest and littlest friend Aoife!

He spent most of Aoife's first year on the planet adding to the book and on her first birthday it was presented to Aoife's parents to keep safe for her.

About ten years later Anna Newell (a longtime friend and co-conspirator) asked Patrick to create an exhibition for the forthcoming and world's first festival for babies: 'BabyDay' . Patrick realised that the book he'd created for Aoife would provide suitable inspiration and politely sought her permission to use it as source material. Thankfully she said yes!

The exhibition was a great success and ran on after the festival had finished for many weeks. Patrick was asked what he would like to do with the framed images once the run was complete and he asked that they be donated to the Maternity ward at Altnagelvin hospital where he regularly worked/performed as a Clown Doctor.

He wanted the images to give comfort, distraction and smiles to the parents and visitors to the ward as he knew that sometimes people were there in less than happy times.

Patrick Sanders always wanted the images to be brought together into a book that people could share with those they loved and it was tragic that he died before that could happen but I knew that if nothing else I wanted the book to be brought into being as his shining legacy.

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