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Sunshine on a rainy day?

I have been thinking of making some of Patrick Sanders other works available for people to own and have spent a few days looking through the art work I have. This image is loved by many of his friends - one has even had it tattooed onto her body!

It was one of his illustrations for Scope Magazine NI an online magazine that he was the illustrator for.

Some people look at this image and see hope and others see sadness. I'm tending to see the sadness; what do you see? Clearly there is not the sense of fun and mischief that his book Your Little Tiny Welcome To The Whole Wide World brought to the world, but nonetheless it shows that Patrick Sanders was nothing but versatile in his illustrating.

Though this image does make me sad it reminds me that as dark as the days now appear that there is every chance a little sun may shine upon me - getting his beautiful book into your hands is definitely a moment of sunshine for me.

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