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Little book

Patrick Sanders photographed at the exhibition of Your Little Tiny Welcome To The Great Big Whole Wide World with the original book in his hands.

Patrick began writing and drawing in a small book for Aoife when she was safely delivered into the world. The book was given to Stephen and Jenny, Aoife's parents on Aoife's first birthday, so it was a year in the making.

Patrick wanted to give the family something special, something that they could keep forever and that would be as personal as possible. As an artist it had to be something he had made rather than purchased and as an illustrator it was obvious that it would be some kind of drawing.

He had worked for a few of the best known arts companies in Belfast, Northern Ireland on all kinds of projects but his most remembered works were those for children. Patrick Sanders made work that entertained children and also their parents - the work operated on several levels and often poked fun at the politics and the history of Northern Ireland, causing adults present with their children to laugh as much as their young companions - albeit for differing reasons.

The book: Your Little Tiny Welcome To The Great Big Whole Wide World came about from the little book he made for his tiniest friend Aoife Beggs via the beautiful exhibition that he put on as part of the Baby Day festival in 2015.

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