Patrick Sanders


by Patrick Sanders
Your Little Tiny Welcome To the Great Big Whole Wide World

About the book

Your Tiny Litttle Welcome To The Great Big Whole Wide World

(in Patrick Sanders own words)

(the book) “started life as a gift in a small notebook for my friend Aoife, it was started just after she was born and was given to her and her parents on her 1st birthday.

She still asks to read the book with her parents!

The version that has been on display and is now a book was commissioned by Anna Newell, the then Artistic Director of Replay Theatre Company in Belfast, for the world’s first Baby Day 2015.

This book is intended as a gift for families to enjoy as their children grow, first to read to them and then to read together. It’s a guide to the world – not how the world is, but how it could be in our imaginations. It’s important we teach children how to use their creativity and imagination as that is the first step to creating change”.

Your Little Tiny Welcome

This is one of the best books I have ever bought – beautiful illustrations, funny and clever – great for a newborn gift but wonderful for any age- would highly recommend it

J. Sue, Facebook review

I bought this beautiful book for a friend’s little boy and it was better than I imagined. The artwork is a joy, full of colour and life and the story is funny, whimsical and made me beam. Slugs are naked snails! Vegetables being grown in underground factories by moles and badgers! What a rare talent Patrick was. Love love love it. Can’t recommend it highly enough. Thank you Patrick and Colin.

Sam Dines, Facebook review

I bought this book for my daughter for Christmas but, in honesty, I got just as much out of it as she did! The most beautifully imagined book, fill of innocence and wonder. I would highly recommend if you want a book full of smiles.

K Reed, Facbook review