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Wye Weight!

My main motivation for publishing Patrick Sander's book was to try to get a copy of his work into the hands of as many people as possible and although I have the website I also wanted to get the book onto the shelves of a few shops. In February 2021 following a conversation online with a buyer of the book it was suggested that I might like to try selling a few copies through 'Wye Weight'.

Wye Weight is a zero waste food shop based in Monmouth, South Wales, providing customers a chance to do almost their entire household shopping without the need for disposable packaging whilst at the same time supporting small local producers and British business too.

The zero waste concept of retailing is very close to my heart and was something that Patrick Sanders was also very passionate about.

I had the pleasure of introducing Patrick to Wales and for several years we covered much, if not quite all, of the country! It is a beautiful country and the hills, mountains and stunning coastline reminded us both of the natural world that lay on our own doorstep in Northern Ireland without the anxieties of 'the troubles'.

Selling Patrick's book in this lovely shop in the gorgeous town of Monmouth brings together our love for the country of Wales and the ethos of protecting the natural world. If you are in the area do drop in and remember that you can also pick up a copy of Your Little Tiny Welcome To The Great Big Whole Wide World there!

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