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This beautiful book

This beautiful book of extraordinary illustrations and quirky thoughts was originally commissioned as an art exhibition to be created by Patrick Sanders as part of Belfast BabyDay, the inspiration had grown from an initial book that he created for his tiniest friend, Aoife Beggs on the occasion of her "glorious" birth.

Before he died, Patrick was working towards getting this book published and out into the world. As a key part of his legacy, we - a small group of his friends and his husband - are working on a completely voluntary basis to try and make this happen.

Every book purchased, as well as helping towards spreading his work as far and wide as possible in honour of his memory, is a perfect gift for a new-born, an infant, a child and their parent(s)/guardian(s) and indeed for anyone who wants to look at the world through extraordinary, joyful, and hopeful eyes.

We're a very small team and so we need your help to spread the word about this campaign and about the astonishing contribution that Patrick Sanders made to our world.

The feedback from people that have already bought the book is wonderful to read, and I think we can always do with getting more of that! It would be so appreciated though, if on buying and loving a copy, you could tell your family and friends about Your Little Tiny Welcome To The Great Big Whole Wide World... and if your friend happens to be a publisher then so much the better! :)

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