Reading together

Feedback from the lady in the photograph: "Thank you for sharing this with the world".

I wish I didn't have to, I wish Patrick was here to tell you all about how he drew each picture by hand and then conjured the words up that are delighting people all over the world... but it is my privilege to share it with you and develop a legacy for him.

I am so lucky to be able to see such lovely photos of people reading with their little ones. It is so important to support children with their reading isn't it? Patrick Sanders the author of Your Little Tiny Welcome To The Great Big Whole Wide World understood that and it was through this book and so many of his other projects that he made it easier for people to share good literacy practices within families - however you determine the idea of family to be.

I often advertise the book these days showing a heart warming image like the one we have here and I always make sure to accompany the image with the message: Book images at the book is £10 plus postage.

I'm happy / sad to say that book stock is currently low so it might be best to get me on Messenger to arrange payment and postage if you'd like to get a copy in the next couple of weeks. Please don't forget that there are discounts on postage for 2+ books to the same address - thanks for looking. xx

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