Reading to Infants

I thought this was an interesting little video on why reading to infants is such a good idea.

Patrick Sanders was well-known in Belfast, Northern Ireland for the work he did in the area of Children's Theatre, but also working with children in other settings, such as in school, in communtiy centres and youth groups. Patrick firmly believed that encouraging young people to engage with reading along with other arts forms was vital if we are to help them grow up with a larger world view and a desire to engage with new thinking.

Patrick Sanders wrote and illustrated Your Little Tiny Welcome To This Great Big Whole Wide World originally for just one special baby, but once he saw the effect it had he wanted more babies , infants and children to see it - adults too!

I hope you find the video interesting, I am looking more and more into young people's literacy practices at the moment so there will no doubt be more to follow.

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