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People still talking...

about Patrick's glorious book for children!

This photo was taken at the launch of an exhibition, a retrospective really. It showcased the variety of work he had done in his sadly short career.

The book: Your Little Tiny Welcome To The Great Big Whole Wide World was just a small thing he did alongside so many other things. I hope to have more exhibitions of his work in time but of course the pandemic has rather slowed things down.

A funny story though - the exhibition wasn't a book launch but we brought some along, just in case people wanted to buy and 'Aoife' the baby that the original book was created for (and at this time a ten year old girl) decided that she would stage a guerrilla style book signing! Thankfully no one minded - in fact several people commented that if they couldn't get Patrick Sanders to sign them then Aoife was the next best thing.

Patrick Sanders book is the most immediate thing we have left to remember him by but there are many people like Aoife who will never forget him and do all they can to preserve his legacy and that's a tiny bit wonderful.

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