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Buddy Up!

I was looking through my Facebook memories just now and saw a link that a friend posted on my page featuring the work Patrick Sanders did for one of the organisations that works with communities in Northern Ireland. I saw this video from 2017 about a scheme called Buddy Up! which features a lot of the illustrative documenting that Patrick did for Community Relations In Schools (CRIS).

Patrick Sanders was involved in so many organisations that seek to improve the lives of people and he created so much work in addition to the work he did which resulted in our creating Your Little Tiny Welcome To The Great Big Whole Wide World. It is easy to forget just how wide his reach was.

Seeing the video (link above) just now was a lovely reminder of how important it is to keep plugging away at getting his beautiful images out into the world so that other people and especially children can be touched by the funny, gentle and ultimately loving world view of Patrick Sanders.

I hope you have time to watch the video - seeing people brought together and enjoying each other's company is more important now than perhaps ever before.

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