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Today, Patrick and I should be celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary but sadly not. It's a difficult day to get through each year without him and it doesn't really get any easier.

Patrick and I met in 2007 and it didn't take me very long to know that he was the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, I moved from England to Northern Ireland a year later (it would have been sooner but I had a house to sell in the housing slump of that year!).

We always supported each other and there were some tough times but thankfully not too many. I was so proud of how his career as an illustrator developed as I knew that this was an area he really wanted to become known for - and he was. He worked so hard at everything he did, he devoted himself to producing the very best work that he could in all areas that he worked in but illustration was a passion, he never stopped drawing and he honed his skills and developed a body of work that is still now instantly recognisable.

Still, today I think less about the work and more about the man. I was lucky to have met the person I was meant to be with, my soulmate and to have that torn from me by a cruel and sudden mental crisis is even now unbearable. I think about him every day but even more so on anniversaries like this.

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