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A Nearly True Tale

If you have already bought the book Your Little Tiny Welcome To The Great Big Whole Wide World you will have seen this page right at the start of the book.

It was Patrick Sanders fun disclaimer that the book you were about to read wasn't exactly non-fiction reading! Patrick Sanders loved mischief and loved fun and the book had to have a generous dose of both.

The idea of the book not being "totally true" actually comes about from an earlier children's show that he and co-creator (some might say co-conspirator!) Mary Jordan devised called Nearly True Tours, with the often seen subtitle, "we absolutely promise that nearly everything we tell you is totally and probably true"

The duo created many tours but the tours of Belfast's austere City Hall was perhaps the most beloved.

This is taken from the Young at Art (the theatre company behind the shows) website and gives a good description of the show/tour:

A madcap meander through your local area, blending historical fact and hilarious fiction. Did you know that all the portraits in your City Hall were really knitted by Nelly? Or that the 'famous' Italian artist Antonia Ballonia painted every piece of wallpaper by hand? Explore your local area, civic building or stately home with this memorable wacky walking tour for ages 6 and up. Let our tour guides, Nearly True George and Professor Marjorie le Grand, take you on an unforgettable excursion that will shed new light on your town's local history. Fake facts and true stories mingle in this colourful and comic journey.

The children were entertained and their parents also got to laugh at some of the outrageous gags that Mary Jordan and Patrick Sanders played out, the fact that not everything was true (precious little of it was to be honest) just made it more fun and that's probably why Your Little Tiny Welcome To The Great Big Whole Wide World has proved so popular with children and adults alike.

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